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Birthdate:Feb 25
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
I am first and foremost a Brand New fan. Everything else is secondary.

I go to college. I'm an English major. I'm a sister of Phi Mu. I love Food Network. I think Zac Efron is beautiful. I check punditkitchen daily. I love to read. My ipod is my savior. I enjoy school. I'm from Philadelphia.

My blog contains incoherant ramblings, frank statements of people I would like to have sex with (but no graphic detail of actual sex), complaints and minimal actual substance. I say things that some people might find funny. I find them to be the truth. I'm friendly and I comment.

I'm a peace loving, bob dylan hating, beatles worshipping, techie hippie. I'm a girl who wishes she could be a vegetarian, but won't eat anything green, a jew who loves bacon. I'm a friend and a lover, I'm a bitch and an acquired taste. I have 3 siblings, and 35 sisters. I love to laugh, I enjoy a good cry. I'm basically a walking contradiction, and in the words of Meredith Brooks, you wouldn't have it any other way.

I like people who think John Wilkes Booth jokes are funny, who correct the grammar of others, and people who make obscure references to history and pop culture in daily conversation.

I say things that I think are witty until I hear or read them later, and then I feel like a huge toolbag.
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